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Here we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our clients for the trust they have placed in us. Since 2002, over 20 Ugandan and international companies or organisations have been our clients. We have proven our business and consultancy expertise and experience in a number of industries and provided consulting on a number of topics. We believe that the length of our service agreements is proof of the positive effect of our activities on our clients’ businesses. As such, our range of products and services (not according to priority) include but are not limited to the following: –


Human Resources Management

We provide leading Human Capital solutions for our clients with a comprehensive business plan. This includes but is not limited to: –

  • Human Resource Capacity Enhancement
  • Mentoring and coaching for performance

We are dedicated to ethical, timely and successful execution of our client’s vision. We provide creative solutions to help top management achieve organizational/ Business goals. Our activities include; outsourcing, policy drafting, implementation tracking, job evaluations, performance management, training and development, marketing, events and Product Services, market introductions and management, operational services implementation, knowledge management, performance appraisal and succession planning


Electronics and communication

There is no such thing as an information vacuum. When there is a lack of hard information, hearsay fills the gap. The ability to promptly communicate key messages to target audiences can improve perceptions of products and services, but only assuming the basic ethical principles of effective communication are respected. It is only these principles, which can provide a long-term professional relationship with business based on the quality of information. Building good business relations is surely no secret veiled in magic. As such, in this era of technology, LADA is sound and present in the electronic and communication sector as follows: –


Integrated Consultancy

The firm has acquired vast experience in carrying out socio-economic studies and evaluation of programs/ projects as presented below. It has undertaken baseline studies, organizational assessments and facilitated strategic planning. All these assignments have been carried out using participatory approaches that involve a cross-section of stakeholders.

  • Environmental Impact assessment
  • Rural Development and management consultants
  • Participatory planning Monitoring and evaluation
  • Baseline studies and measurement
  • Improved planting materials (seed and seedlings) supply


Goods and services

  • Food stuffs and beverages
  • Stationery and printing services
  • Sustainable Livelihood Approaches to Poverty reduction strategies

To demonstrate our areas of experience and qualification, we have summarized some of LADA’s relevant similar assignments/activities undertaken and successfully completed previously in the following tables.

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